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How come you don't feel
the scars of Al my sins

How can you don 't notice
the evil mind i travel in

Is it really happening me with the gun in my mouth
The rock music between these ears shall shout

Is it so cranky tho heal
The way that this begins

Why come your the only one
not seeing the vicious bastard i really am

How can it be,
That you never noticed
This lunatic i Cary in my heart

Criminal soul, whats the goal?

Nice to see you sow blind
when i am the one not worthy
to look at myself.

I wanna break The mirror house

Smash every glass shard of me with myself

I want to stop Te bleeding of my hands,
By crushing my fingers with bones of
the dead mirror reflection i just killed.

Stick my eyes out with magic stones

My shadow is the only one
That survived this terror,
Of schizophrenic

Steven de swerts


steven de swerts

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02 januari 2005

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