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Seduced tore

Writing trough the speakers
Head down to inform me
Sentimental boring
Surprise me with some glory
Whispering the truth now
Please put me in your story

Seduced tore

Shine some and forget allot
Experience the fairytale made of the gun
Pointed on my sleeps. Blind shot.
Close your eyes. Feel the bullet trough
Your catterpillar of fantasy. Out in always, forgotten
Opening paradise.

Your already late,this is how i feal. Cold and shaped
Touching so bloody naked this iron floor

Catch the eagle with the name torture
Open with tori this dungeon door

To be a spider is all that I can do
If songs coud kill this song is for you

I?m lying between your little earthquakes
This wishdom disguised as a spear
Pull it out my leg let me run again
Away a foo

Pearl behind bars
You are the torn in my amos

Steven de swerts


steven de swerts

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02 januari 2005

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