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Letorama (2)

It?s Instructive to play with it
Who knows wat it is? Letorama, letorama,
It?s positive for young and old
Also nodescript, Letorama, letorama,
Once put all those letters upside down
Which are unfit for use
Keep right up the good-ones for your own
If you don?t want to lose, Letorama, letorama,

Play card with your vocabulary
And become a sly dog
It?s art and great viruosity
So do not let you flog, Letorama, letorama,
I was last named, You my be blamed
Rather making joy, Rather making love
While time was money, No intelligence
But there was a way, A beautifull day

Going at school, A was a fool
Then study law, With stars above
I lost my honey, No more romance
To save my self, Braught me more shelve
Yes from over the sea, I had the idea
The really right way, By playing this game
As never before, Of dictionnary
Who is not afraid, But don?t be to late

So many Yards, Of letter cards
For my may-day, I wasn?t the same
I found the score, Who brought glory
Can chalange me, It?s so lovely

Siro Germon


Siro Germon

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15 augustus 2004


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