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I feel my old body so far away

I feel my old body so far away
Just like a sigaret in the astray
Who gives off his extreme smoke away
which nevertheless will see the next day

But my young soul don?t need an other may
Because my dutch takes english words to pray
And it seems to me the world fly?s away
While the heaven keeps all the words I say

As a poor poet I don?t need the airway
But I left everything to my fay
I?m only a pawn and I do not play
Why should I know that I am getting gray

Writing this poem to you I feel so gay
whithout a blind eye to make a delay
So I hope it?ll be never be a mislay
Otherwhise one can colt me anyway

Siro Germon


Siro Germon

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15 augustus 2004


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