Terug naar gedichten


Possesed by the clearness of my dreams,
Reality changes or so it seems.
While I loose myself in it's overpowering grip,
Surrendering myself to the coarse of this trip.
Flooting threw a reality so deranged,
Suddenly aware of the things that have changed,
Once again I obtain consiousness,
Awake in a world of timelessness.
Everything around me is, is my creation,
I'm filled with fear aswell as fascination.
As always my mind captures the smell of my fear.
My leaving this timeless realm is near.
My mind is closing in on me,
Forcing me to leave this place be.
Surrounded by so many things I fear,
I shoudn't be awake here.
I regain conroll over my body, force open my eyes,
Noticing the world of time arise.
Only to desire seeing this place of timeless subreality once more,
Maybe it's just not mine to explore.
But I know now that although my lack of control,
Timelessness is alive in my very soul.




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23 september 2004


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