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Sugarpop passion answers

Hey baby...I wanna feel your heat
feel your body twist on top of me
Everytime when I'm in need
Of something you could be
Let your lips cool down my skin
and feel the passion deep inside
let go of everything
and enjoy this tempting night

Oh Sweety...I wish it 'd never end
you're just so devine
please, don't retract "my dearest friend"
and let us forever interwine
Still enjoying eachothers desire
hankering for more
we both know we are liars
and can't be lovers anymore

So darling-one...we have to lose our radiness
Altough I'm not sure
If we can handle total abstinence
and this temptation we adore
After this game of tenderness
that we've played tonight
there's one thing to confess
this pleasure is hearts delight.




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01 mei 2003


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