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Reflection inside

why do I do things so wrong
why can't I just stay strong
everything the way it was
-or how it seemed to be
but there's this force inside of me
roaring and picking on me,
never at rest
now I've met you
there's even more fuel
for him to act out on me
I should stay strong
be a nice girl
be selfdependend and bright
I must just follow the light
But there are so many bumps in the road
for me to overcome
so many reflections of the inside of me
parts I rather left alone
I'm so affraid for you to leave me
although you say you won;t
affraid to kill your love
with being scared and insecure
I want you to love me
and I must stay strong
show you how I can be
Not listen to the demon inside of me
but showing the light of the diamond
that's also inside of me




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20 februari 2002


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